Stoneman is where the rough is mined.
We directly import rough material from all over the world to guarantee quality at best prices.
Stoneman can cut any kind of material, offering a full range of cuts:
standard faceted, briolettes, chess cut and buff-top and cabochons.

Stoneman cuts and provides innumerable kinds of stones

Natural Quartz:

  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Smokey
  • light amethyst
  • rock crystal quartz

Treated Natural Quartz:

  • lemon
  • green gold
  • honey
  • cognac
  • prasiolite
  • black quartz

Hydrothernal Quartz:

  • amethyst
  • citrine
  • blue
  • smokey
  • green

Semiprecious Stones:

  • black agate
  • extra-white agate
  • green agate & carnelian
  • white milky quartz
  • lemon milky quartz

Amethyst RedCoral glued flowers GreenGarnetandPinkOpal natural quartz IMG 0138

Amethyst RedCoral
glued flowers
Green Garnet and PinkOpal
natural quartz
white milky quartz

IMG 0140 IMG 0158 IMG 0190 IMG 0223 IMG 0232
black rutil quartz & white milky quartz
white milky quartz & milky aquamarine
natural quartz
rose milky quartz

IMG 0364 IMG 0828 IMG 0906 IMG 0907 IMG 0909
green garnet
cognac quartz
green gold quartz
green gold quartz
green gold quartz

IMG 0911 IMG 0913 IMG 0915 IMG 0917 IMG 0920
golden quartz
golden quartz
cognac quartz

IMG 0921 MixedColours RedCoral
Mixed Colours RedCoral